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Padel is a racket and ball sport, played in an enclosed court, or cage. It is mainly played with four players, where a ball, similar to a tennis ball, must be played with a racket over a net. It looks like a mix of tennis and squash. The playing area is about 25% smaller than a tennis court.

In padel, the ball must be hit over the net onto the opponents' court(s), without touching any of the walls first. The aim is to prevent the opponent(s) from hitting the ball back. However, the ball remains in play if it first hits the ground and then one of the walls. This makes for longer rallies. This also means that tactics are more important than strength, as the ball can always return.

This sport is played both recreationally and competitively. Padel players are generally members of a padel club, which is then affiliated to a padel federation.

Within our deaf sports federation, we organise the "Belgian Deaf Padel Tour" every season.

For more information, please contact our T.D., David DESSAINT via padel@deafsport.be
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