European Championship
1st E.C. Padel in Malaga, Spain
European Championship Padel - Wed 6 Nov - Sat 9 Nov
Now that Padel is officially recognized among the deaf sports thanks to the successful organization of Europacup Padel 2022 in Mechelen, this year's very first European Championship will take place in Malaga (Spain) from November 6 to 9, 2024.

The national selection will be represented by 8 men and 7 women as follows:

  • MEN: Gauthier de Jamblinne, David Maso, Bart Uzeel, Sven Verstraete, Maxime De Volder, Mick Ameloot, Vasco Van Landuyt and Dylan Mallieu
  • WOMEN: Céline Cornia, Manon Mallieu, Tess Desmidt, Barbara Lezy, Cindy De Backer, Natalie Bekaert and Caroline Inzoli

The E.C. will be played in the form of a country competition with 4 countries (Belgium, Spain, Italy and Sweden) for both men, women and mixed.
Handy links
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