Doof Vlaanderen
Doof Vlaanderen asbl strives for equality, emancipation and development of deaf people and their language, Flemish Sign Language, in society.

Therefore Doof Vlaanderen asbl stands up for the individuality, rights and wellbeing of deaf people in all aspects of daily life;
  •     Deaf people belong to the group of persons with disabilities in society and at the same time they are members of a minority group with their own language, the Flemish Sign Language, and culture. Deaf people want to integrate into society while maintaining their individuality, their language and their connection to the Deaf community.
  • That is why Doof Vlaanderen vzw supports the member activities of different local associations for deaf people in Flanders; Doof Vlaanderen works for the Flemish Deaf Community, which can be defined as a network of deaf people and their associations, branching out all over Flanders. The majority of these deaf people have the Flemish Sign Language as their mother tongue and/or first/second language.
  • Therefore Doof Vlaanderen informs and sensitizes society by approaching deafness from a social and cultural-linguistic perspective.  From the cultural-linguistic perspective on deafness, the linguistic and cultural specificity of deaf signers is emphasized. Deaf Flanders wants to propagate this perspective and make society aware of it. That is why we offer information, education, counselling and courses.

Website: www.doof.vlaanderen
Contact : Telephone: 09 224 46 76 - e-mail: info@doof.vlaanderen
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