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Beach volleyball
Beach volleyball or beach volleyball is an Olympic ball sport in which two teams separated by a net play against each other. The aim of the game is to get the ball on the ground in the opponent's box or to force a foul on the opponent. Beach volleyball is a variant of indoor volleyball which differs in a number of ways. As the name implies, beach volleyball is played on sand (e.g. on the beach) and not on a hard surface. In addition, a team usually consists of two players and the duration of a match is generally shorter than in the hall.

Beach volleyball developed in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the course of the century, the sport became increasingly professional and lost its image as a purely leisure activity. In 1996, beach volleyball was included in the Olympic Games for the first time, and a year later the first World Championships were held. Nowadays, professional beach volleyball - like indoor volleyball - is organised on a global level by the FIVB and on a continental and national level by continental and national volleyball associations. Besides the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the Continental Championships, the FIVB World Tour is the most important international competition.

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