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Jan Van den Braembussche
Fri 28 Oct '22 Driving force of the Deaf Sports Federation ...
Jan Van den Braembussche, member and secretary for many years, administrator and president of the K.S.K.D. Brugge, was since 1997 administrator of the Vlaamse Doven Sportbond and of the Royal Belgian Deaf Sport Federation and president of the Technical Sport Commission of the V.D.S.B.-F.R.S.S.B. and Sport Director since 2000, until 2018.

In 2008, he also became Coordinator of the Federation and in collaboration with the sport management of the VUB Brussels, he adapted a brand new house style with the new name Belgian Deaf Sport Committee (B.D.C.) and a new logo.
Since 2018, the structure has been adjusted again under his leadership and he himself became president of the B.D.C. until today, which means already 25 years.

Before that, he was also very active as Technical Director for cycling and volleyball. As chairman or coordinator, he was a key figure at the 7th European Volleyball Championships 2007 and the Cycling Championships 2016. He was also the first international deaf volleyball referee at the 21st Deaflympics 2009.

He was the Technical Director of Volleyball of the European Deaf Sport Organization (E.D.S.O.) from 2007 to 2016 and a director from 2018 to date.
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