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D.H.C. Kortrijk K.S.V. Surdac Gent 1921
Volleyball is a ball sport in which the playing field is divided into two equal halves separated by a net. The net is stretched between two poles and is at a certain height above the ground. This height is 2.43 m for men and 2.24 m for women. In youth, the net height depends on the age and level of the players.  The two teams, each consisting of six players, are each in their own half of the playing field and try, by hitting or tapping the ball, to make it touch the ground on the opposite part of the playing field within the lines. A successful attempt or an error by the opponent results in a point. The first to score 25 points wins the set. Whoever wins three sets first wins the match. In the event of a tie, 2-2 in sets, a deciding set to 15 points is played, in this deciding set, sides are switched at the first to have eight points. 

On the sides of the net, exactly above the sideline, are two vertical sticks, called "antennas". A ball played to the opponent's court must pass between these antennas or their extension. 

In its original form, regular indoor volleyball, each team consists of six people and the court measures 9 by 18 meters. 

Over time, a number of variations have emerged including sitting volleyball, mini volleyball and beach volleyball. 
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