Doof & Jong
Doof & Jong?
Doof & Jong Vlaanderen vzw is a recognised supra-local youth association for deaf, hard of hearing and sign language children and young people. Doof & Jong was founded in 1988 and since then promotes the interests of all deaf and hard of hearing children and young people from 0 to 30 years of age.

Doof & Jong presents itself as a support point for all youth organisations working with deaf, hard of hearing and sign language children and youngsters. It looks after and defends the social, cultural and political interests of Flemish deaf and hard of hearing children and youngsters as well as the affiliated youth clubs and their members. In addition, Doof & Jong has the task of organising social, cultural and political activities for children and young people. The association is also responsible for the regional, national and international flow of information to its members, as well as for the organisation and supervision of the members participating in national and international activities such as camps, exchanges and conferences. Doof & Jong also maintains the necessary contacts with national organisations like Doof Vlaanderen and FFSB, and international organisations like EUDY and WFDYS.

President : Elisa Kind
Secretary : Lisse Demey
Treasurer : Arend Rogge
Board member : Robbin Vandewalle

Tess Desmidt, Céline Pierard, Sandy Van Landuyt & Marie Peeva. 
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