D.H.C. Kortrijk Forza Deaf K.D.S. Antwerpen K.D.S. Turnhout K.S.K.D. Brugge K.S.V. Surdac Gent 1921 Sport V.G.T. Mechelen
Dovensport Vlaanderen
On 10 March 1978, Dovensport Vlaanderen was founded to comply with the splitting of powers at federal level to the regions in Flanders and Wallonia.

In 1989, the name of our federation was changed to the Vlaamse Dovensport Bond or better known as the VDSB!

Later from 2014, the federation was renamed as Dovensport Vlaanderen vzw to what it is today....

Messrs Henri Goossens, Boudewijn De Roose, Herman Claeys, Ivan De Roose and Emmanuel Rossel were the founders of the "Nederlandstalige Doven Sportbond". This sports federation is the umbrella federation of all affiliated Flemish deaf sports clubs. Consequently, the General Assembly is composed of 2 members per affiliated club.

Board DSV (2022-2026) consists of:
- President : Jan Van den Braembussche
- Treasurer : Bernadette Baelde
- Sportdirector : Lieven Kind
- Board members : Liisa Halonen en Stéphane Pinardon 

Deaf Sport Flanders and Ligue Sportive Francophone des Sourds (LSFS) are part of the BDC (Belgian Deaf Sport Committee) to widely promote Deaf Sport in Belgium within the Deaf community.

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