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C.S.S. Namur D.H.C. Kortrijk K.D.S. Antwerpen K.S.V. Surdac Gent 1921 R.L.S. Bruxelles R.U.S.S. Liégeoise Woluwe S.S.B.
Badminton is an Olympic sport played with a racket and a shuttle. The shuttle, which can be made of nylon or feathers, is hit back and forth over a net with the rackets. Badminton is played in an indoor hall, so that wind and other weather conditions do not interfere. It is played in five disciplines.

In Asian countries (including China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia) badminton is played on a massive scale. Of the Western countries, Denmark and Great Britain in particular are countries with considerable achievements in badminton. Badminton has been on the Olympic Games programme since 1992. Before that it was an Olympic demonstration sport twice, in 1972 and 1988.

For more information on badminton within our deaf sports federation, please contact Adeline POCHET via badminton@deafsport.be
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