Belgian Deaf Padel Tour
BDPT 2023/24 - Belgian Championship Veterans
Belgian Deaf Padel Tour Padel - Sat 3 Feb
The Belgian Championship Padel for veterans will take place at Tour & Taxis (Brussels) on Saturday 3/2/2024.

This B.C. is open to men +45 years old (born 1979 or earlier) and women +40 years old (born 1984 or earlier).

There will be 3 categories where a team must register in the age category of the youngest player:
  • Men +45
  • Men +55
  • Women +40

8 teams are provided for each category but once the reserve list contains 4 teams, this will be adjusted to 12 teams.
Handy links
8 clubs C.S.S. Namur D.H.C. Kortrijk E.S.S. Mons Forza Deaf K.S.K.D. Brugge K.S.V. Surdac Gent 1921 R.L.S. Bruxelles Sport V.G.T. Mechelen