BDPT Padel Interclub : the champions for the first season are revealed ...
Wed 7 Jun '23 Forza Deaf wins both women's (P50+) and men's (Open P100) Interclub competition in the 2022-2023 season
Hearty congratulations to the padel club Forza Deaf that was able to win the inter-club competition in both the men's and women's teams!
The awards ceremony will now follow Saturday 10/6 after the Masters.


With 3 wins and 1 lost match, the ladies of Forza Deaf crowned themselves champions in the very first padel season in the Interclub Competitions.
Unfortunately, there were not that many teams participating, so a return match was chosen.

Congratulations to the Forza Deaf players:
Pascale & Annelies Isenbaert, Nele Baillieu, Cindy De Feyter, Sarah Snellings, Dana Theys, Alena Barabanova, Mieke van Braeckevelt and Leen Braeckman.


The men's competition was a bit more exciting, but in the end Forza Deaf managed to take first place in the very last matchday!
Forza Deaf obtained as many points as KSKD Brugge B and Sport VGT Mechelen A, but could become champions thanks to better mutual result (1 win and 1 tie).

Congratulations to the players of Forza Deaf:
Patrick Isenbaert, Raf De Ryck, Rudy Bekaert, Lieven Kind, Stijn Versijp, Serdar Gürbüz, Sven Vandevoorde, Freddy Lippens and Devid Lukianov....

All results and final standings can be found in the attachments below.

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