Leendert Desmet (17) from Torhout starts his mission today ...
Fri 11 Aug '23 The World Swimming Championship starts Monday, 14 August to Saturday, 19 August in Buenos Aires, Argentina !
Leendert Desmet participated in the Belgian championships at the Wezenberg swimming pool in Antwerp and achieved satisfactory results ahead of his participation in the World Championships this week. 

Leendert swam three personal best times in a 50m pool: on the 400m freestyle he did as much as 3.14 seconds off his previous best time, also in the 200m back and 200m medley he improved his time - (his entry time was that of a 25m pool). On the 400m freestyle, he thus achieved 14th place out of 43 participants aged 17 and above, on 200m back he achieved 26th place out of 41 participants. On the 100m freestyle he took 53rd place out of 68 participants aged 17-18, on the 200m medley he took 44th place out of 65 participants aged 17 and above, on the 200m freestyle he took 41st place out of 80 participants aged 17 and above and finally he took 33rd place out of 36 participants aged 17-18 and above.

He will participate in the "freestyle" camps as follows: 
- Monday 14/08 at 10:00 (15:00 Belgian time) : 400m Freestyle (series) - Finals at 17:00 (23:00 Belgian time)
- Tuesday 15/08 at 10:00 (15:00) : 200 m Freestyle (series) - Finales at 17:00 (23:00)
- Wednesday 16/08 at 10:00 (15:00) : 800 m Freestyle (series)
- Thursday 17/08 at 17:00 (23:00) : 800 m Freestyle (finals, if seeded)
- Friday 18/08 at 10:00 (15:00) : 50 m Freestyle (series) - Finals at 17:00 (23:00)

Leendert Desmet left today 11 August via Paris for Buenos Aires, accompanied by his coach Hubert Backs, his mother and his grandfather! This was all made possible thanks to the support of symphatisants, supporters, the swimming club TZT Torhout and the BDC.
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