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Willy Seeuws (1924 - 1976)
Fri 28 Oct '22 Football in the old days : the time of Willy Seeuws
The Belgian Football Team won no less than 3 silver and 5 bronze medals at the Silent Games, including 7 consecutive medals between 1935 and 1961! But the team of the 1990s was also a very formidable team, with silver at the 2nd European Championships in 1991 in its own country and bronze at the 17th World Games in 1993.

An imposing figure here is Willy Seeuws (K.S.V.S. Gent), who himself won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals at the Silent Games / World Games between 1949 and 1969 out of six Silent Games / World Games. He retired from the national team with 35 national caps at the age of 45.

The record holder of national caps to date is Peter Sutherland (K.D.S. Antwerpen + K.S.K.D. Brugge) with 61 caps, followed by Guy De Beir (K.S.V.S. Gent) with 53 caps and Gauthier de Jamblinne de Meux (Zèbre Charleroi and later C.S.S. Namur) with 46 caps.

Then a resurgence started in the early 1990s with silver at the 2nd European Championships 1991 in Ghent and bronze at the 17th World Games Sofia (Bulgaria) '93.

Many other top footballers also had their say in able-bodied competition. Edgard Pochon (U.S.S. Liégeoise) (at the time still playing in D2 with F.C. Sérésien), Rudy Bekaert (K.S.V.S. Gent) (played with Oudenaarde in D2, currently 1B), Koen Goethals (K.S.V.S. Gent) (played in D4 with K.V. Aalter), Sven Verstraete (K. Senne Dierckx (K.S.K.D. Brugge) is currently our best player in 1st provincial football at K.S.K.B. Retie and top scorer.

It should be noted that in the post-war years until the 1960s, it was forbidden to play in clubs belonging to our federation (which had a separate competition in the U.R.B.S.F.A. with the registration number 1550), combined with a valid club in the other series of the U.R.B.S.F.A.

At national level, K.S.V.S. Gent was the club that won the most national titles (31 + 3 Belgian Cups) and also became the main supplier of the national team in the Seeuws era until the 1970s. After that, shorter periods of reign of some clubs such as R.L.S. Brussels, K.D.S. Antwerpen, K.D.S. Turnhout, K.S.K.D. Brugge, D.H.C. Kortrijk and L.D.S. Hasselt, until the beginning of this century, there were too few clubs left to continue the competition.

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