The Deaf Devils are ready for the European Football Championship !
Thu 9 May On Wednesday 1 May, the Belgian selection for the European Championship in Turkey was announced in Kleit (Maldegem). This after a nice practice match against FC Kleit.
On Wednesday 1 May, the national football squad played a practice match against FC Kleit's pledges on their pitch. They were able to conclude this one positively with a 2-3 win. After this friendly match, the MS League was able to transfer a cheque worth €500 to support their participation in the European Championship, which will start on 21 May against Poland (4 pm Belgian Time). The Deaf Devils' regular pub ('t Kruisken from Adegem) could also announce with enthusiasm that they could donate no less than an additional €3,000 to the Deaf Devils!

Similarly, people waited anxiously for the final selection to be announced.  Trainers Tim van Landuyt and Danny Bekaert were able to make the following 18 players happy with a selection for this European Championship in Antalya :

1. Joris Van Roy
22. Brent Van Hecke

04. Alexis Remy
05. Ruben Vergote
06. Jaron Garitte
14. Jorik Waegeneers
23. Anton Van Hecke

07. Lennert De Rycke
08. Florian Pinardon
09. Joren De Winne
12. Elias Bouhout
13. Bilal El Caddouri
14. Jorik Waegeneers
19. Soufiane Hadri
21. Charlton Batur
25. Giovanni Schelstraete

10. Tjörven Bruyneel
11. Senne Dierckx
17. Rachid Hamaz

Trainers Tim Van Landuyt (T1) en Danny Bekaert (T2)
TD Ann Smets
Materiaalverantwoordelijke Ali Salhi & Fahrettin Melih Ercan
Kinesist Gert Jan Vande Velde 
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