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Eugène Fraiture (1916-2002)
Fri 28 Oct '22
Eugène Fraiture, a member of L.S. Bruxelles, managed mostly in the shadow of Antoine Dresse, but through him more doors also opened up within the C.I.S.S. and, since 1949, he became the first Technical Director of C.I.S.S. basketball after also becoming an official basketball referee within the Belgian Basketball Federation this year.

In 1952, he became director-commissioner and since 1955 vice-president of the Federation and later director C.I.S.S. since 26.02.1967 until 1971.

Eugène Fraiture became a member of the Football Technical Committee C.I.S.S. since 1973 until 1983.
He was also treasurer Belgian Selection Committee for the Silent Games from 1953 to 1982!

Due to ministerial orders for splitting national federations, he became president of the French-speaking wing, namely L.S.F.S. since 1978 to 1980 and president of the Federation after the termination of Antoine Dresse's mandate in 1980 until 1988 and was thus a director within the Federation for 36 years.

Eugène Fraiture is the uncle of Martine Fraiture, who worked as secretary of R.L.S. Bruxelles and also in various cultural and social associations such as F.F.S.B.
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