Exceptional performance by our Bowlers from the national team!
Wed 19 Jun The team "Bowlmaster 11" became champions and won the Challenge Cup "J. Felsenstein"
After an exciting season in national division 3E, the team "Bowlmaster 11" (mainly composed of members of RLS Bruxelles and Woluwe SSB) was able to become champions in the bowling competition. 

On Saturday 16 June 2024, this team participated in an inter-club competition with all champions from Belgium and to their great surprise, they were able to win this for the very first time with a deaf team (consisting of all deaf players!!).  

The Bowlmaster 11 team consists of the following players:
  • Christophe Bartholomé (WSSB)
  • Thomas Bartholomé (WSSB)
  • Fernand Bartholomé (WSSB)
  • Lydia Bartholomé (WSSB)
  • Michel Rivez (RLSB)
  • Vincent Lorant (RLSB)
  • Kateryna Kovalchuk (RLSB)
  • Roman Lukianov (RLSB)
 + coach: Dominique De Nolf.

Our bowlers are in full preparation for the European Bowling Championship, which will start soon (7-17/08/2024) in Wemmel!

Supporters are certainly welcome to support our bowlers!

For more information about this European Championship, see the links below!

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