Athletics Martialarts (Judo-Karate-Taekwondo) Deaflympics
First meeting with the Belgian selection for the 24th Summer Deaflympics
Sun 2 Jan '22 The Deaflympic fever is rising. The final preparations are being made. There is still a lot of sweat during training before flying towards Caxias do Sul.
On 28 December 2021, the BDC organized the first meeting of the Belgian selection led by chef de mission, Jarno Stappers. At the headquarters of Deaf Vlaanderen, the selected athletes gathered to hear the presentation of the chef de mission. Despite the scant information from the organizing committee, the chef de mission was already able to communicate numerous practical and financial information to the athletes and entourage. Much attention was paid to the financial aspect and the corona measures.

The selected athletes are Stappers Flore, Kevin de Sadeleer, Christophe Bartholome and Renaud Malache. BDC wishes the selected athletes and the chef de mission every success in Caxias!
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