ICSD Congress
49th ICSD Congress in Vienna
ICSD Congress - Fri 9 Sep '22 - Sat 10 Sep '22
The 49th ICSD Congress will take place at the NH Vienna Airport Conference Center in Vienna (Austria) on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 September 2022. The Belgian delegation will be represented by President Jan Van den Braembussche and Director of Top Sport Lieven Kind.

At this important conference for the future of the ICSD, the following points will be discussed:
- Policy report for the past period (2017-2021)
- Financial report 2019
- Reports of the regional federations & different commissions
- Acceptance or non-acceptance of new members
- New proposals for amendments to the articles of association
- Final report on the Deaflympics in Brazil (Caixas do Sul 2022)
- Selection of the venue for the next Winter Deaflympics in 2023 + 2027
- Selection of the venue for the next Summer Deaflympics 2025 + 2029
- Awards Ceremony (Medal of Honour + Rubens Alcais)
- ICSD Board Elections (2022-2025)

The following candidates are running for the ICSD Board:

1. Grigor Grigoryan (Armenia)
2. Adam Kosa (Hungary)
3. Gustavo Perazzolo (Brazil)
4. Dmitry Rebrov (Russia)

Vice-President World Sports
1. Ralph Fernandez (USA)
2. Yutaka Osugi (Japan)

Vice-President Youth Sports
1. David Lanesman (Israel)

Members at Large
1. Jaroslaw Janiec (Poland)
2. Leonid Kasitsky (Ukraine)
3. Mark Kusiak (Canada)
4. Jong Hak Lee (Korea)
5. Elvira Ligay (Uzbekistan)
6. Alexandra Polivanchuk (Sweden)
7. Pier Alexandro Samueli (Italy)

Two other nominations have been submitted for the Ethics Commission:
1. Kang Chen (Taiwan)
2. Bjorn Roine (Norway)

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