The 49th ICSD Congress starts 9-10 September 2022
Thu 8 Sep '22 Belgium is represented by chairman Jan Van den Braembussche and director Topsport Lieven Kind
On 28-29 November 2021, an extraordinary ICSD Congress was held in Lausanne, Switzerland. A number of important decisions were made at that time concerning the administration and policy of the largest sports organisation for the deaf in the world. 

This will now be followed up by the 49th ICSD Congress, which will now take place in Vienna (Austria) on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 September 2022.  Our chairman Jan Van den Braembussche and director of Topsport Lieven Kind will represent our country at this important Congress.

At this congress the new president and board members will be elected for the next four years. Decisions will also be made regarding the next Winter Games in 2023 and Summer Games in 2025. 

Curious to see a report of this Congress? 
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