Antonine and Germaine Maere
Fri 28 Oct '22 Tennis with the family of Dresse & Maere
Antonine and Germaine Maere: Antonine (F.S.S-M.B) was the athlete with the most gold medals (8) for Belgium, which she won in three Silent Games 1931-1935 and 1939 plus 1 silver and 1 bronze, while Germaine (S.F.C. Gent) and her sister won 3 x gold in doubles and in addition 3 times silver and 2 times bronze.

Marie-Sophie, Gabrielle and Antoine Dresse: The fact that tennis was immediately introduced at the first Silent Games was influenced by Antoine Dresse (R.U.S.S. Liègeoise), despite the fact that it is rather a sport for people in good position. Together with sister Marie (R.U.S.Liégeoise), they also played at a high level and brought back many medals in Liège. Marie won 2 x gold and Antoine also 3 x gold in mixed doubles and 7 bronze while Gabrielle (R.U.S.S.Liégeoise) participated in singles in 1928.

After the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup (now the Billie Jean King Cup) became known in tennis, the Dresse Cup (1960) for men and the Maere Cup (1968) for women were created in recognition of the two imposing tennis figures.

After the Second World War, Belgium still had its say, albeit less so, through the following athletes: Frédérique Van Vyve (F.S.S-M.B.), Maria Fissers (D.N.V. Lier), (Woluwé S.S.B.), Henri Rossignon (R.L.S. Brussels), Jean Vermeiren (Woluwé S.S.B.), Claude Biernaux (Woluwé S.S.B.), Josette and Nicole Robinson (both Woluwé S.S.B.) and Luc Gerin (Woluwé S.S.B.).

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