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JC Herzele impresses at the Callant Cup in Ghent!
Thu 7 Dec '23 The 2nd team of JC Herzele still took a nice 3rd place (BRONZE) and the 1st team Herzele was able to complete the day with the very first place (GOLD) at the Inter/Callant Cup in Ghent
Under the leadership of coach Michel Van Assel (head coach JC Herzele & national judo trainer for the deaf), two teams from Herzele were able to achieve a special team performance in the beautiful Topsporthal at the Blaarmeersen in Ghent.

No fewer than 4 deaf judokas could participate in these teams:
- Kevin De Saedeleer
- Renaud Malache
- Vladyslav Mozyrev from Ukraine
- Vladyslav Roshenkov from Ukraine

What turned out to be a difficult start last week for Herzele 2, which was in 6th place, they were able to turn the situation around in the Ghent Top Sports Hall. A well-thought-out tactical setup by coach Michel with shifting weights had a positive effect and with the team spirit present, they were able to fight their way to the podium!
A BRONZE third place, which turned out to be almost impossible, was still achieved.

Herzele 1 only started as number 1 in the afternoon, the message was to keep this place. The result of Herzele 2 was contagious and Herzele 1 was also able to win convincingly with a nice lead in this final. This way they could go on stage to receive GOLD.

You can download all results below.
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