U21 Deaf Champions League Futsal in Charleroi op 14-15-16 december 2023
Sun 3 Dec '23 Futsal Teams from Europe take part in U21 Deaf Championships League
On Friday 24 November 2023, the U21 Futsal DCL draw went ahead in Rome, Italy, under the guidance of Rosario de Caro (Technical Director Futsal DCL).

Group A:
1. CDS Huelva (ESP) : champion 2022
2. BSC Comet Berlin (GER)
3. Derby Deaf DFC (GBR)
4. ASD Quadrifoglio (ITA)

Group B:
1. ASD PSP FR Napoli (ITA)
2. CDPS Guadalajara (ESP)
3. ESS Vitry (FRA)
4. GTSV Essen (GER)

The group matches start on Thursday, December 14 from 09:00 tem 16:00 and Friday, December 15 from 09:00 tem 10:00.
The qualifying matches will start on Friday 15 December from 13:00 tem 17:00.
The final matches will take place on Saturday, December 16 from 13:00 tem 18:00.

Venue : Sports Centre "La Garenne", Rue des Olympiades 2, 6000 Charleroi.

Youtube : draw of the groups at DCL U21 in Rome
See video of the draw on 24/11 ll below.
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