Judo World Cup in Versailles was successful for Belgium!
Thu 4 Nov '21 On 27-30 October the World Judo Championships took place in Versailles (France). Our judokas Kevin De Saedeleer (Surdac Gent) and Renaud Malache (ESS Mons) came in action.

Class -73kg with Kevin De Saedeleer

In the first round Kevin was exempted from a camp, he came out against the winner of the camp between Emrah Dundar (India) & Sumit Soni (Turkey), he defeated the Turk Soni in the 2nd round and came out against the Japanese Kazuma Gamou. Unfortunately he could not really break through against the Japanese, this camp he lost with ippon. Next he came out against the Iranian Daftari. In the camp for the bronze he lost from Daftari, so he just missed a nice bronze medal. 

In the end the Ukrainian Sheretov won this weight class, ahead of the Japanese Gamou and the Kazakh Kanapiyanov. 

Class -90kg with Renaud Malache

Renaud was also lucky in the draw, where he was exempted in the 1st round. Then he was allowed to fight Yermek Zhanibekuly from Kazakhstan, who won his camp against the Argentinian Eduardo Legurguro Gamica. Renaud did not miss his start and won clearly: he then came out against the top favourite: the Russian Rinat Kadyrov. He lost this one, so he went through the resits against the Korean Jungmu Yang. This match went very well, but in the end Yang was the strongest. Because of this Renaud finished on a nice 5th place, also just next to the bronze medals.

Preparation for the Deaflympics

Both judoka are now qualified for the upcoming Deaflympics, which will take place in Caixas do Sul (Brazil). Trainer Michel van Assel looks back on this World Championship with satisfaction: "Both athletes have been able to focus on this World Championship in extremely difficult circumstances because of the corona. They both made the most of this World Championship and can certainly do even better at the next Deaflympics. We know on which points they can still make progress. So I have confidence in them!  This World Championship was top-notch and I am looking forward to the Deaflympics with great enthusiasm!

Opening Ceremony
1e game day : 28 october 2021
2e game day : 29 october 2021
Last game day : 30 october 2021
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