WC - World Championships
3rd WC Atletics in Staro Zagora
WC - World Championships Athletics - Sat 25 Jun '16 - Sun 3 Jul '16
The 3rd World Athletics Championship took place in Staro Zagora (Bulgaria) from 25 June to 3 July 2016.

Belgium participated with three athletes : 
  •  Flore Stappers from Oostkamp (°1995).
  •  Gilles Naniwe from Braine l'Alleud (°1973)
  •  Nico Dumalin from Bruges (°1967)

A total of 38 countries participated, with 262 athletes, including 98 women and 230 men. 
Nico Dumalin was the oldest participant in this World Cup. 

Flore Stappers won a silver medal (200 m) and a bronze medal (100 m) at this World Championships.  
Nico Dumalin took 9th place in the Marathon with a time of 3:37:09.
Gilles Naniwe had to give up in the Marathon.

All results can be found below via download.
3 clubs D.H.C. Kortrijk E.S.S. Mons K.S.K.D. Brugge