Belgian Championship Table Tennis Single with Handicap
Thu 28 Oct '21 Mathieu LOICQ confirms his role as the Belgian champion !
On Sunday 24 October 2021, the Belgian Singles Championships with Handicap took place at the RC TT Astrid sports centre in Herstal. Thanks to the cooperation of RUSS Liege, this championship could take place smoothly. 

Several table tennis players from clubs such as RUSS Liege, SCS Tournaisis, DHC Kortrijk, CSS Namur, RLS Bruxelles and Woluwe SSB participated. 

Mathieu LOICQ (B4, SCS Tournaisis) defeated Dominique VERDEBOUT (D4, RLS Bruxelles) 3-2 in the final.  For the 3rd place Marc DEDOBBELEER (D4, RLS Bruxelles) won before Tom Hessens (RUSS Liège). 
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